In June 2011, Fingertapps partnered with AMD to showcase advances in the ‘Brilliance’ of touchscreen computing. This partnership continues to evolve in 2012 with the launch of the new multi-core AMD APU and newly optimized Fingertapps applications. The AMD APU combines multi-core CPU and discrete-level GPU on a single power-efficient chip giving you the visual performance you need for the best choice for digital entertainment and gaming. At Fingertapps we want to make computing for all members of the family easy and fun, whether organizing your day, or helping with your children’s homework.

Working with AMD we have used their APUs, CPUs and discrete graphics cards to make our software look and move in a more realistic way and added clever tricks that make your computer more natural to use, a concept called NUI, or ‘Natural User Interface’. If you own a computer powered by VISION Technology by AMD and play Fingertapps applications, you will be able to see this more natural computing in smoother jelly wobbles of Jelly Jigsaw, sky-like fireworks and clouds in Sky Writer and the cool 3D world of musical instruments.

To learn even more about VISION Technology, and how it makes your computer brilliant for gaming, click here.