WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – 4 April 2012 – Fingertapps, a leading provider of touch and gesture technology software for consumer electronics products, today announced that its Fingertapps applications have been licensed by a leading PC manufacturer for use in a new All in One PC. Fingertapps’ multi-touch Instruments application is now shipping with the new ET2700 from ASUSTek, a leader in consumer devices. The ASUS ET2700 touchscreen model supports 10 touch points and Fingertapps applications showcase this new technology to ASUSTek customers.

Consumer expectation of natural user interaction with digital devices continues to grow. In response to that expectation we continue to push the boundaries of what a touch experience on a PC can be. Microsoft’s Windows 8 announcement and their focus on a ‘touch first’ experience continues to highlight the importance of providing consumers entertaining and productive ways to engage with their PC.

The Fingertapps Instrument application supports 10 touch points and allows people to play a range of instruments using their touchscreen PC. Users can record their own music and play it back to share with their friends and family. Fingertapps plans to have a new version of the product ready for the launch of Windows 8.

“As our partners continue to push the boundaries of what PC hardware can do, we continue to be right there with them, delivering the software applications that showcase this hardware innovation to consumers,” said James Bell-Booth, vice president of sales and marketing for Fingertapps. “Our relationship with ASUSTek demonstrates that our Fingertapps applications are globally recognized for bringing touchscreen PC entertainment and fun into the home.”

Download Fingertapps Instruments Lite free

Read more about the ASUS ET2700 http://www.asus.com/Allinone_PCs/27_inch/ET2700IUTS/

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“The 10 point touch screen was receptive to touch, accurately identifying our inputs with few errors in tow. Asus have included some applications that do get some good use out of it, particularly ‘Asus paint’ and ‘fingertapps instruments’, while internet surfing does inherit some of the web-browsing texture found on a tablet.”