Fingertapps is excited to announce that along with the fresh new look of their Paint (Children’s Activity) and Drumzone (Games) applications, some cool new features and effects have been added to make them even more fun for the family to play on. Translating hardware innovation into better value, quality and user experience on PCs and tablets is a constant focus for the company, and these upgrades are a perfect illustration of this philosophy.

Utilising the webcam installed on most devices, the Paint application now allows you to capture an image of yourself and turn that into a canvas. Children will love using the brushes, applicators and stamp tools to then embellish the picture. When finished, they can save it, print it out, stick it on the fridge or send it to their grandparents.

With Drumzone, the game of cool music and quick reflexes, the game designers have used the latest computer processor technology, creating new visual effects to spice up game play. The screen is brought to life with smoke, sparks, lightning and even a dramatic TV screen shatter effect (it won’t actually shatter the screen, but it looks and sounds like it!).

As more innovative hardware and devices emerge, Fingertapps will be coming up with new ways to turn them into more engaging user experience and more fun for families.