Dell Inspiron 2320 with Fingertapps Applications Shipping Globally

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – October 5, 2011 – Unlimited Realities, a leading provider of touch technology software for consumer electronics products, today announced that its Fingertapps suite of applications have been licensed by a leading PC manufacturer for use in a new All in One PC. Fingertapps’ multi-touch casual family applications are now shipping with the new Inspiron 2320 from Dell, the world’s second largest PC maker. Dell previously licensed Fingertapps’ applications for the Dell Inspiron 2305, Studio One 19, the Inspiron One 19 and the Studio 17 laptop.

The market recognition of the importance of touch screen interaction and applications continues to grow. Microsoft’s recent announcement of Win8 and Apple’s release of Mac OSX Lion are examples of industry leaders signaling the direction of consumer device interaction being focused on the ‘touch first’ approach. 

The Fingertapps suite of applications includes casual games, creativity, light productivity and musical creation. Designed specifically for touch screen devices, Fingertapps applications integrate the latest in ergonomic interaction design and hardware optimization to deliver a high quality user experience for touch screen PC users.

“The recognition by our partners that we are continuing to create applications that are meeting the consumers expectation for touch screen experience is important to us ,” said Ben Wilde, vice president of marketing and business development for Unlimited Realities.  “We continue to drive to be leaders in applications for the family with a touch screen device, relationships with partners like Dell are an important part of positioning ourselves for an exciting future.”

About Unlimited Realities

Founded in 1996, Unlimited Realities Ltd. has a proven track record of software innovation, product development and commercialization. Building on more than a decade of experience in web, multi-media and user interaction the company expanded into international markets with its launch of Fingertapps in 2008. Fingertapps was the first commercially available multi-touch software on the market. Successful implementations in retail, outdoor advertising and information display led to entry into the consumer device market with the growing need for software that enabled rich, multi-touch interactions on the new generation of touch hardware. Best known for this innovative multi-touch software Unlimited Realities now works across a range of technologies and platforms with a core focus on best-in-class user experiences. For more information visit


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