Intel recently announced the launch of a beta programme for their Intel Perceptual Computing SDK

As part of the release of the SDK, Intel has partnered with a select number of software companies to showcase the gesture technology available in the SDK. Fingertapps was one of those selected companies. Combining a depth of understanding in gesture technologies (touch, multi-touch and gesture recongnition) and an expertise in casual family computing, Fingertapps has developed a casual game for all members of the family to easily be engaged with the new gesture technology.

Kung Pow Kevin is a rhythm action game for gesture technology platforms. Using rhythm, movement and memory, users match patterns with their hands and body to score points and progress through the world of ‘Klap Chi’. Sensei, Kung Pow Kevin, acts as a guide and a teacher on the journey – the goal being to master the ancient art form, “Klap Chi”. You can view a demonstration of the game here:

View more information on Kung Pow Kevin here.