The team was in Taiwan again this week at AMD’s Technical Forum and Exhibition (TFE) speaking as part of the event and having our apps shown off by AMD and ourselves. TFE is an annual industry forum put on by AMD that brings together leaders in the technology industry of Taiwan to discuss the latest technical trends and innovations. One of the hot topics this year was how technologies such as DirectX 11 can help deliver a superior user experience for customers.

Our Fingertapps apps were once again front and centre as a key example of how to leverage DirectX 11 and our Jelly Jigsaw app is shown in the photo above being run on a yet to be released Windows 8 tablet (!).

Jelly Jigsaw and some of our other newly released Fingertapps apps are already optimized to use the new DirectX 11 features that AMD’s Fusion APUs enable and which will be standard on many Windows 8 devices next year.