Unlimited Realities is proud to announce the release of the Dell Inspiron 19 with Fingertapps software. The Inspiron 19 offers customers simplicity, performance, and fun with the Dell Touchzone software, powered and developed by Unlimited Realities’ Fingertapps technology.

Touchzone software features include:
  • Easy multi-touch photo browsing, editing and slideshow creation
  • Music browsing and playback
  • Integration of 3rd party content services
  • Weather.com
  • Flickr
  • Fun with Sticky Notes
  • Create a musical masterpiece with the multi-touch percussion center
  • Customized menu launch arc for touch apps

Dell continues to grow their range of multi-touch capable devices running the Fingertapps powered Touchzone software, which now include the Dell Studio One 19 and the Inspiron 19. With the ability to handle multiple simultaneous touches and gestures, such as pinch, drag, rotate and flick, people can now get more from their touchscreen experience using Fingertapps software.