We are proud to announce Fingertapps application’s support for Windows 8, Microsoft’s new ‘touch first’ operating system. Microsoft launched the Consumer Preview of Win8 on February 29 to great industry reviews (see links below) and Fingertapps are well positioned to continue to be leaders in casual applications for Windows desktops, notebooks and tablets when Win8 is launched.

Watch video of Fingertapps Paint on Win8

Keeping pace with the advances of the multi-touch technology in the market, and staying true to our natural user interface (NUI) philosophy, we are excited about the look of the new Win8 Metro interface and its ‘Touch First’ design philosophy. We see the possibilities it creates for a more cohesive and engaging user experience between the user and their software applications.

Fingertapps will be porting our most popular apps to the new platform, making adjustments such as scaling for the smaller tablet and notebook screen sizes. We’ll also have cool new apps available for launch which will utilize the best features of Win8, while providing our customers best in class user experience and product features.

Fingertapps Win8 apps will be among the first available when the new Windows 8 app store opens. They will also be found pre-installed on hardware manufacturers’ new devices that are set to be released when Win8 launches.

For more information on our Win8 METRO Products and Services contact: James Bell-Booth, VP Sales & Marketing.


Industry reviews