Press Release – Fingertapps Showcases Innovative User Interface Technology at AMD APU Launch

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – June 15, 2011 – Fingertapps software developed by New Zealand-based Unlimited Realities was selected by leading processor design company AMD to showcase the capabilities of its next-generation PC processor, the AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), at a launch event yesterday in Seattle that took place during the AMD Fusion Developer Summit.

Unlimited Realities Founder David Brebner took the stage with AMD Chief Marketing Officer Nigel Dessau to demonstrate Fingertapps software running on a PC powered by the AMD A-Series APU in front of industry leaders and international technology media at the launch event.

The AMD A-Series APU is the newest in the AMD Fusion family, a new class of PC, tablet and low-power embedded processors known as Accelerated Processing Units, which combine the capabilities of the central processing unit (CPU) and discrete-level graphics processing unit (GPU) on a single die to enable a brilliant computing experience with long battery life.

“Touch and gesture-controlled computing is becoming inevitably more popular in the realm of personal computing, as it has with smartphones. People like to interact with even their digital devices in natural ways based in the physical world,” said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, AMD Fusion Experience Program (NYSE: AMD). “Unlimited Realities is establishing themselves as a clear leader in the touch space, and their Fingertapps product suite was a natural choice to demonstrate the next-generation capabilities of an AMD APU-powered device to closely approximate the look and feel of a physical experience with only pixels on a display.”

Unlimited Realities Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Ben Wilde said that AMD’s showcase of the Fingertapps software was recognition that the company’s business strategy was working.

“We’ve set out to build a global business by being the world’s leading developer of consumer multi-touch software products and user experience software. AMD’s endorsement is recognition from the very best that we’re on track,” said Mr. Wilde.

Mr Wilde said the collaboration with AMD was important to help create new business opportunities in the industry.

“The support AMD is providing through this collaboration spans marketing, sales, technology and support, providing Fingertapps with a real edge in the market. That translates through to more engaging software experiences and better products for our customers.” he said.