At the Intel Developer Forum this week in San Francisco, Intel has been discussing a new product & technology strategy call Perceptual Computing.  Perceptual Computing , as Intel describes, is at the heart of the Post- PC era.  Gesture recognition hardware and software are playing a big role in this new computing paradigm.

At Fingertapps, we have deep experience in the design and development of gestural applications for the PC industry.  This experience resulted in Intel inviting us to partner with them to develop consumer application concepts for the perceptual computing programme.  While the programme is in its early stages we are excited to be a part of it.  In the coming months we will be talking more about our products and technology that are synergistic with the Perceptual Computing programme.

This video from the 2012 Intel Developer Forum, shows a demonstration of a gesture controlled application that we are collaborating with Intel on using the Perceptual Computing SDK.

The application is called Kung Pow Kevin and is a casual game designed for families with young children. Using rhythm, movement and memory, players must match the onscreen action of ‘Kung Pow Kevin’ with their own corresponding movements.  In the game, users journey with Kevin around his world to master an ancient art of ‘Klap Chi’.  During gameplay new characters and worlds will challenge users to learn new ways to move their hands, head and body to master this fun and ancient art.

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