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Transform your home PC into a suite of musical instruments. The four instruments: guitar, piano, drums and looper, are suitable for everyone to learn and play on. You’ll enjoy creating and sharing music with friends and family. Download the free Lite version for full access to all the features in the Piano.

  • Features

    • Download Lite version free
    • Optimized for multi touch screens (2-10 touch points)
    • 4 instruments – guitar, piano, drums and looper
    • Realistic sounds – like playing the real thing
    • ‘Play along’ feature helps you learn to play
    • Compose, record and play back the music you create
    • Piano and guitar – free play or play along
    • Ability to change tempo and number of octaves (piano)
    • Change from left to right-handed play (guitar)
    • Drums – free play
    • Looper – 8 layers to create samples
    • Optimized for VISION technology by AMD
    • Available in 15 languages
  • System Requirements

    OS Windows 7
    Memory 1 G RAM
    Processor 1.5 GHz
    DirectX version 10 or 11
    Screen resolution Minimum 1366 x 768

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  • on Apr 22, 2013 geyza said:

    quero esse aplicativo no meu androd

  • on Feb 22, 2013 Balakumar said:

    It's interesting to play

  • on Feb 19, 2013 Lil D said:

    Brilliant Idea, althugh would be phenomenol to be able to include Singing, And all other Music Production Products in one!

  • on Jul 22, 2012 Leonardo said:

    Very nice aplication, I hope to enjoy it, thanks a lot.

  • on Jul 8, 2012 dusty said:

    Very nice, A lot of things to figure out, - Thanks !

  • on Jun 10, 2012 MAURICIO GOMEZ said:

    Me parece un producto unico!

  • on Jun 8, 2012 N.Rosevear said:

    Very nice sound and realistic.

  • on May 20, 2012 lin htet said:

    easy to learn.i like it.

  • on May 19, 2012 Mary Ann Stutz said:

    Love it, always wanted to play, easy to learn, my g-granddaughter loves it also. The band teacher wanted to teach her to play.She plays the trumpet.

  • on May 18, 2012 KumarPratyush said:

    IIIIIIIIIIIIII love thessssse soft wares for my system :-)

  • on May 13, 2012 Ms. Benzal said:

    ..i like this so much:)

  • on May 11, 2012 ARCHANA said:

    Its very nice iam usually playing when i was tired for relax.

  • on May 9, 2012 rpradeep said:

    I love playing and hearing to feel music.

  • on Apr 28, 2012 vithal dalvi said:

    it,s amazing app.

  • on Apr 28, 2012 purvesh said:

    its fantastic and great for me as well as for you too so download this app fast

  • on Apr 24, 2012 Milan Krnjajic said:

    Great app. I have used it while it was still in beta and finished app is excellent.

  • on Apr 23, 2012 Aunny said:

    this is a good software to know. I like it.

  • on Apr 22, 2012 ponmuthusivaramakrishnan k said:

    its good music instrument system...

  • on Apr 22, 2012 karan pawar said:

    the four instrument are sutaible for all

  • on Apr 19, 2012 vamshi said:

    very nice and easy to learn

  • on Apr 16, 2012 kunalsoni said:

    my kids love this - so much fun

  • on Apr 12, 2012 Charles S. Clayton said:

    i like to learn more about music

  • on Apr 7, 2012 priya said:

    it is wonderful i want to download this for my kid

  • on Apr 2, 2012 iosia said:

    so our family can play with it and have fun with our family

  • on Apr 1, 2012 Bilal said:

    i like is soo much so i need this for my children

  • on Mar 28, 2012 yash1331 said:

    It Looks Like A Very Cool App !! But It Takes 4 Hours In Ma New PC !! And The Greatest Thing Is That ....... I HAVE MY OWN ELECTRIC GUITAR !!!

  • on Mar 27, 2012 bhakta said:

    I am really impressed with this app. This is very cool to hang out with it

  • on Mar 23, 2012 David Matzinger said:

    I wil check it out now it looks cool

  • on Mar 22, 2012 arman qayyum said:

    i love this software

  • on Mar 21, 2012 yash said:

    im treshaud and love guitars

  • on Mar 20, 2012 michael said:

    i love playing music instruments

  • on Mar 14, 2012 Zsolt said:

    musician program

  • on Mar 5, 2012 april said:

    my kids and i love this its so much fun. thanks a lot

  • on Mar 4, 2012 sarfaraz said:

    good .... good vary good

  • on Feb 25, 2012 max said:

    its okay cause i can make my own pc a guitar

  • on Feb 23, 2012 curel said:

    music is my name

  • on Feb 14, 2012 ridwan muhammad said:

    good application for lost time. he he

  • on Jan 28, 2012 treshaud said:

    im treshaud and love guitars

  • on Jan 7, 2012 quez said:

    i like all instruments but the violin.

  • on Jan 7, 2012 jaylah said:

    i like the drums and the piano. now i would like to try the guitar and other instruments.

  • on Dec 22, 2011 lewis said:

    good fun and great

  • on Dec 4, 2011 Ben said:

    Great app, my kids love playing with all the instruments as well as the play along feature. Thanks!