Jelly Jigsaw

About Jelly Jigsaw

This is a modern-day, digital twist on a classic toy that is fun for all the family. Puzzle pieces move and feel like real jelly! Complete pre-designed puzzles or for even more fun, make puzzles from your own photos and the webcam. The free Lite version gives you six puzzles to complete with three difficulty levels.

  • Features

    • Download Lite version free
    • Purchase full application for all puzzle features
    • Support for mouse, keyboard and touch (2-10 touch points)
    • 12 predesigned fun puzzles
    • Create puzzles with your own photos
    • Create puzzles with the webcam
    • Choose from 3 difficulty levels: easy (6 pieces), medium (12 pieces) or hard (24 pieces)
    • Hint and help buttons for clues
    • Optimized for VISION technology by AMD
    • Available in 15 languages
  • System Requirements

    OS Windows 7
    Memory 1 G RAM
    Processor 1.5 GHz
    DirectX version 10 or 11
    Screen resolution Minimum 1366 x 768
Windows 8 Windows 7 US$9.99 Buy now
28 Customer Ratings:

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  • on Dec 3, 2012 charles testa said:

    it is for my kids
    they like it

  • on Jun 24, 2012 erica said:

    i never really played this before but im about to let my kids have a go at it

  • on Jun 9, 2012 samantha said:

    my kid loved to play

  • on Apr 21, 2012 sharon said:

    i like this very much

  • on Mar 23, 2012 Joann W. said:

    What a lovely game this is! Works very well with my Dell Studio 1745.

  • on Mar 16, 2012 Joselyn said:

    It seems pretty fun. You can turn any picture into a puzzle. Something different and fun!

  • on Mar 2, 2012 Uzair said:

    Great work! really like it.

  • on Feb 23, 2012 nooria khan said:

    nice and good....very good

  • on Feb 22, 2012 dhanayat ak said:

    Fantastic I like it

  • on Feb 21, 2012 kumar said:

    nice and it is very good

  • on Feb 18, 2012 vaibhav said:

    i like touches very much

  • on Feb 17, 2012 Ben Allgate said:

    I luv it

  • on Feb 15, 2012 Madison said:

    Nice and it's very good to have

  • on Feb 15, 2012 MEHAR EHSAN said:


  • on Feb 9, 2012 arun said:

    Should give it free ;) i love it!

  • on Feb 7, 2012 neev said:

    so nice
    vary good

  • on Feb 2, 2012 achyut said:

    it is very good.

  • on Feb 1, 2012 easy to usedeepak kumar said:

    fine its very easy to use

  • on Jan 25, 2012 vasudeva said:

    very good game. like the program

  • on Jan 13, 2012 ibrahimkurt said:

    Super nice. It is very good to have

  • on Jan 7, 2012 geeta said:

    I like to play the games

  • on Dec 30, 2011 ismail said:

    nice and it is very good to have

  • on Dec 29, 2011 sanjit said:

    Its very good .i like it

  • on Dec 11, 2011 suraj said:

    cool games ................

  • on Dec 10, 2011 ronni hofen said:

    i have recently installed this application, and what a great program, give 5 stars

  • on Dec 9, 2011 mavis clark said:

    Fantastic, have just bought the paid version and I am sure my grandkids will want to play with this program all the time, I know I do! Thanks.

  • on Dec 9, 2011 Stephane said:

    Excellent! Very well designed app for your PC touchscreen! Awesome RT jelly effects. The ability to import your own picture means endless lifetime. At least, Fingertapps answer the need for touchscreen apps for PC!

  • on Dec 5, 2011 Lucy said:

    This is an awesome app - my kids love it!! Thank you for the free version :)