Kung Pow Kevin

Kung Pow Kevin

About Kung Pow Kevin

This application has been developed in conjunction with Intel’s Perceptual Computing SDK. The application utilizes the SDK to deliver a showcase of the next generation of user interaction for PCs.

The survival of the ancient dance fighting style of Klap-Chi is at stake. Kung Pow Kevin must train you to become a Klap-Chi master so together you can defeat those who seek to destroy this powerful martial art. Your use of rhythm, movement, and memory will be crucial to master the Klap-Chi methods. The fate of Kung Pow Kevin’s world, and this ancient secret art, is in your hands!

  • Features

    • Fully gesture based support for natural intuitive interaction
      • Hand gestures recognised include:
        • Position Match
        • Clapping
        • Swiping
        • Pushing
    • 36 Levels over 2 Episodes provides hours of game play
    • In-game photo capture
    • High scores
    • Animated characters kids will love and enjoy
    • Fantastic music sound tracks
  • System Requirements

    OS Windows 7
    Memory 1 G RAM
    Processor 1.5 GHz
    DirectX version 10 or 11
    Screen resolution Minimum 1366 x 768
    Camera Depth field camera
Download from Intel

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