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About Organizer

From daily scheduling and communicating with friends & family to planning and coordinating key events, Organizer provides users with an interactive digital hub that makes organizing your life simple and fun.

Organizer provides a tool to help improve planning of family activities. It will help reduce missed appointments and forgotten tasks. Organizer also helps to bring the family together and encourage everyone to get involved in coordinating and planning activities.

  • Features

    • Make appointments in the shared calendar
    • Leave sticky notes for family or friends
    • User profiles let you assign tasks and appointments
    • Use the share charm to update friends and family
    • Schedule and organize family events
    • Full Version – Create and manage lists
    • Full Version – Create video notes
  • System Requirements

    OS Windows 8
    Memory 1 G RAM
    Processor 1.5 GHz
    DirectX version 10 or 11
    Screen resolution Minimum 1366 x 768

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